Last March 24 and 25, the first international salt fair was held in the Tunisian capital as part of the MedArtSal Project. The Tunisian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTICI), a partner of the project, was in charge of organizing this fair, which took place in person at the Mövenpick Hotel du Lac and in virtual modality.

The event, presented under the slogan “Support for the commercial diversification of traditional and artisanal salinas”, involved leading experts in the sector, managers of artisanal salinas, salt producers, national, regional and local authorities, schools, professional associations and consumers from the four countries involved in the project (Italy, Spain, Tunisia and Lebanon).

The participants were able to share their experience on the sustainable management of Mediterranean salinas. Furthermore, projects for the development of new products and services in these traditional farms were presented in the fair. In this way, it constituted a meeting place to establish possible commercial relations between different sectors.

“The first MedArtSal International Fair represents a fundamental opportunity, with a quadruple helix approach, which will share a sustainable management model and operational tools, including a strategic marketing plan, a biodiversity strategy, an electronic commerce platform, a training and an international network, aimed at developing synergies and supporting artisanal salt producers in the Mediterranean”, explained the General Director of the University Consortium of Industrial and Commercial Economics (CUEIM) of Italy, Gaetano Zarlenga.

MedArtSal Fair

A place of exhibition of products, B2B meetings and workshops

The fair was attended by over 700 visitors and hosted a virtual exhibition space for 15 institutions from the four participating countries to present their work in the salt industry. The objective of the event was to highlight the production of traditional and innovative salinas in the Mediterranean and explore new products associated with salt pans. It was an exceptional opportunity for B2B meetings between professionals in this important sector and potential client/partners who attended the event both in person and virtually in order to establish new relationships and develop investment opportunities.

The program also included conferences and workshops on the MedArtSal results such as the Sustainable Management Model for Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas, the marketing strategy and the presentation the e-commerce for artisanal salt producers organized by the University of Cádiz, the open workshops for schools by SAIDA and more.


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