Participant companies in the project


1 – Saida S.A.

SAIDA S.A salt works are located on the banks of the Sebkhet Sidi El Hani-Mlichette Zeramdine (Monastir-TN), a wetland protected area which hosts numerous species of migratory birds. For more than 20 years, SAIDA is producing and commercializing high quality natural salt for different applications such as deicing, food industry, etc. The majority of salt is exported in bulk and big-bags via the port of Sousse, located 60 km from the salina.

Saida is a partner of MedArtSal project, leading the Pilot action on exploitation of Dunaliella salina microalgae at inland salinas.

Contact information

Avenue de l’environnement – maatmeur 5012 – Monastir

(+216) 73 526 301 – Fax: (+216) 73 526 428




2 – Tunisel

TUNISEL is an important Mediterranean producer of natural salt exploiting a marine brine saturated in NaCl. The production is located in the saline of Sabkhet Lâadhibet situated 20 km from the town of Ben Guerdane in the southeast of Tunisia.  The salt plant covers a total area of 3200 hectares.
TUNISEL exports salt in bulk via the port of Zarzis located 70 km from the salt plant. The salt is used primarily for de-icing but also for curing, conservation and manufacture of food products.

Contact information

Sebkhat Adhebat Route Ras Jdir, Ben Gardane 4160

(+216) 71 951 316